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Mortgage Justice Solutions Pty Ltd (‘MJS’)

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Australian Credit Licence Number: 448272


No Win No Fee


For the loan advisory part of our business we are generally remunerated on a fee for service basis. At our initial consultation, and if you choose us, we will agree on the services to be provided to you, along with the ‘agreed fixed’ service fee and/or hourly rate (generally Business Customers only) and/or other fee structure as mutually agreed between ‘MJS’ and the Customer. This will be outlined, along with other matters, in the documentation that will be required to be disclosed to the Customer and agreed in writing between the Customer and ‘MJS’ prior to ‘MJS’ formally commencing any of the ‘agreed’ service(s) on behalf of the Customer.

YOU pay us directly. We work for YOU and NOT the Lending Provider / Financial Institution. WE liaise with the lending / financial institution on your behalf, so if you want, all the hard work and potentially difficult negotiations can be done by us backed by our 20 plus years of experience in the finance industry. Our ‘fixed’ fee is negotiable for every proposed ‘agreed’ service and payment terms can also be flexible (depending on your individual circumstances). Further, if we receive any one-off ‘upfront’ payment from a lending provider / financial institution (for whatever reason) who we are dealing with on your behalf, and which is not subject to rights of repayment or refund, then we will pass this ‘upfront’ fee in FULL back to you by deducting it from our ‘agreed fixed’ service fee. We will disclose any fees and / or revenue received / to be received from any lending provider / financial institution who we are dealing with for you on your behalf.

For credit advisory to individuals for non – business transactions an ‘agreed fixed’ service fee is only payable if the ‘agreed’ service (or part thereof) is achieved for the Customer, and/or if the customer accepts the new terms relating to the ‘agreed’ service. That’s right! No win / No fee! in this instance.