Mortgage Justice Solutions

Seek 'Justice' for ALL consumers of finance

Mortgage Justice Solutions Pty Ltd (‘MJS’)

ACN 165 130 834

ABN 66 557 313 251

Australian Credit Licence Number: 448272


Providing SOLUTIONS to All Consumers (Individuals and Businesses) of FINANCE.

INDIVIDUALS and BUSINESSES. Do require new/additional Finance or Do YOU want to improve your lending position? If YES, please call us here at Mortgage Justice Solutions (MJS) to find out how we can assist YOU in a number of aspects.

Why was the business established?

  1. AIM to achieve a better deal for all consumers of finance (individuals and businesses) by seeking out the optimum lending transaction for YOU, by saving you MONEY and other costs, thereby potentially transferring a portion of the financiers profits back to YOU, the Customer.
  2. AIM to assist Customers resolve disputes/issues with their financiers and provide assistance in negotiations with respect to existing and new financing requirements so as to achieve the optimum outcome / result for YOU, the Customer.
  3. AIM to provide a real alternative to other finance brokers in the market place who generally only provide assistance to consumers by offering one solution of transferring the customers’ lending business from one lending provider to another (1). This potentially may not be necessary and result in a costly exercise for YOU, the Customer with respect to heavy refinance costs, lengthy documentation and time. Why can’t YOU negotiate a better outcome with your existing lending provider, if it is possible, rather than only being given one option of refinancing. A broker is generally paid by the financier by way of trail income and / or upfront fees? (2).
Note: 1 A residential mortgage broker can be defined as someone that provides assistance to consumers obtain a new home loan or seek refinance of their existing loan(s).
Note: 2 A residential mortgage broker is currently remunerated by the lender/financier by way of an upfront commission and/or a trailing commission on the loans they settle.

Ultimately unless you are being asked to leave / refinance no lending provider really wants to lose its existing Customers. Why you ask? because it generally takes more time by the lending provider to replace lost business rather than to maintain existing Customers - so in most cases your existing lending provider really does not want to lose you.


Credit / Loan advisory business with the following services:
Assisting individuals and businesses with new and existing loans / lending requirements

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Current offers

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Thank you so much for all the help and assistance with my first home loan. Your knowledge and advice in establishing and structuring the most efficient and cost effective
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